Code of Honour

EduNomix™ Honour Code

EduNomix™ maintains an expectation of honor and academic integrity in all of its teaching, learning, research, and service activities.

All EduNomix™ faculty, i.e. learners, collaborators and co-operators are expected to:

  • Uphold the highest standards of academic integrity in their own work,
  • Refuse to tolerate violations of academic integrity, and
  • Foster integrity and professional responsibility as a part of the University community.

We honour the following code of ethics:

    Establishing the learning relationship and foundation:

  1. Adhering to strict ethical guidelines and professional standards
  2. Establishing a strong and mutually beneficial learning agreement
  3. Co-creating and managing the learning relationship:

  4. Establishing and maintaining a sound trust and intimate relationship with the learner
  5. Establishing a strong learning presence and report
  6. Collaborating effectively and efficiently:

  7. Being an expert and active listener
  8. Being able to as challenging and powerful questions
  9. Being able to direct the communication to achieve the most benefit from the learning initiative
  10. Enabling learning and facilitating learning outcomes and results:

  11. Having the ability to create and unleash awareness for possibilities and opportunities
  12. Being able to design implementable and achievable actions
  13. Being experts in providing guidance with action planning and goal setting
  14. Assisting in managing progress and accountability