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Individual Change

VNI views change being a cognitive construct that may have an impact on change having a lasting effect on an individuals’ attitudes, behaviours and cognition affecting the success of change initiatives.

VNI observes that organisations in all industries are continuously engaged in endeavours attempting productivity improvement; strategic repositioning; employee and managerial leaders’ development initiatives; and structural, process and systems transformation, all of these requiring change interventions and demanding alternative thought-provoking activities.

VNI acknowledges that one of the concerns obscuring the ability of employees and managerial leaders to respond effectively to the implementation of change initiatives, calls on their ability to find innovative and creative ways to deal with the change. Employees and managerial leaders’, who lack the ability to find innovative and creative ways to deal with the change, impose unparalleled demands on themselves and other employees and managerial leaders to succeed.

The repeated incitement of employees and managerial leaders during change initiatives encourages alternative thinking practices to supplement prevalent learning, to adjust attitudes and to modify behaviours facilitated by our BluAgile methodology. Based on our BluAgile methodology we achieve the intricacies and the significance of transforming attitudes and behaviours of employees.

VNI places emphasis on the happening of change, and the deployment of individuals’ cognitive constructs in dealing with this, which is much deeper rooted than merely changing structures, processes and systems in organisations. Our BluAgile methodology enables the confluence of employees’ and managerial leaders’ thinking constructs as a cognitive engagement with change, as opposed to the linear process of change management.

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