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Research Projects

VNI research associates address the need to conduct research, based upon your inquiry. Commission VNI practicing researchers to conduct research on your behalf. VNI engages in continued supervising of internal research pertinent to the 5 VNI Domains: Sustainable Transformation, Human Capital, Applied Creativity, Organisation Architecture, and Emergent Research.

Research Assistance

Qualified and dedicated VNI Consultants offer research supervision in undergraduate, honours, master, and doctorate studies.

Research Project Support

We take joy in engaging with you about your innovation.

In response to the need for ongoing dialogue within the field, VNI now offers dedicated onboarding as a precursor to our greater human development obligation.

Our qualified advisers and coaches provide one-on-one support and advisory for the development of your research project, including thesis and dissertation design and methodology. Engage VNI about your tertiary qualifications and short course expectations.

Research Supervisor

Dr Ronel Blom

Research Advisor

Research Supervisor

Pieter Du Toit

Research Advisor

Research Supervisor

Dr Carin Stoltz-Urban

Research Advisor

Research Coaching