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Facilitation & Lecturing

VNI qualified consultants provide participative and interactive facilitation for organisations and teams in workshop contexts. We also offer lecturing in an engaging setting, whereas traditional lecturing occurs strictly as a one way delivery.

Facilitation is the skill to direct group discussions engaging all participants harmoniously and allowing them to contribute to the discussion expressing their discrete views and opinions without having the fear of being criticised. The role of the facilitator is to create a neutral environment, which takes special effort, skill and experience to master. Facilitation is of particular value in situations that require innovation, problem solving, solutions finding and decision-making. VNI not only trains individuals to become facilitators, we possess over the knowledge and skills to assist organisations and teams to articulate difficult challenges and find ways to address them. VNI helps teams as follows:

  1. Establish the Ground Rules:
    Establish ground rules at the start of the facilitation event to manage aspects such as breathers, the rules of engagement, unintended interference, differences in opinion and the way to manage side conversations, etc.
  2. Use Icebreakers
    Use Icebreakers to make participants feel at ease and help them get into the swing of things for them to contribute actively and effectively to the discussion.
  3. Set Clear Objectives
    Formulate an explicit aim for the discussion and set clear objectives. Agree the outcomes of the engagement upfront.
  4. Manage Disruption:
    Keeping the team focussed on the topic at hand.
  5. Observe Non-verbal Cues:
    Observe non-verbal cues indicating dissatisfaction and disengagement.
  6. Manage Time:
    Manage time effectively to ensure the event meets its aim and objectives.