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VNI produces custom-made game journeys and novelty experiences through subtle introduction of principles associated with gamification and the process of ideation towards solutions finding.

What is Gamification?

VNI BluAgile Creativity provides a means to unpack complexity, and aids comprehension of systemic processes. To this end, gamification is the purposeful employment of principles common to game play and game design in workshop contexts.

Solutions for Organisations

Custom game explorations are made to be context-specific, and apply to specific workshop objectives of an organisation. The purpose of gamification is to facilitate socialisation in workshop contexts. Gamification establishes a mutual ground or point of reference for all participants. The experience promotes a welcome diversion from a predefined and familiar issue which the workshop seeks to address while outcomes, and ultimately "closure", is approached from a new and refreshing perspective.

Our Creativity Workshops and Guided Creativity Coaching offerings facilitate inclusive and interactive environments that are conducive to realisation of solutions through participation.

Elements Include:

  • Concept Development
  • Corporate Branding
  • Original Creative Design
  • Theme Developments
  • Characterisation & Role Creation
  • Bespoke Application Development
  • Customisation & Integration
  • Workshop Facilitation
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Immersive Experiences

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Develop gaming experiences for your organisation.