BluAgile Creativity

VNI offers coaching to unlock innovation through elements of ideation, gamification, and application development in creative workshop contexts.

VNI BluAgile Creativity offers integrated solutions within the domain of Applied Creativity.

VNI facilitates & coaches the interpersonal process of unleashing creativity in yourself.


VNI produces custom-made game journeys and novelty experiences through subtle introduction of principles associated with gamification and the process of ideation towards solutions finding.


VNI facilitates the funneling of innovation and interactive activity of applying creative technique towards solving a particular problem in your organisation, and solutions discovery to problems in organisation as well as team contexts.



"Creativity is a game for the intelligent" - Albert Einstein
Creativity is the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to discover hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, to generate solutions and to innovate. To innovate, you need to be creative. Applied creativity is the ability of transforming novel and imaginative ideas into reality.

Creativity is the most important skill of the future. Do you ever think about thinking?


Apply Creativity in Your Industry

Learn creativity based on a historical perspective of thinking and the evolution of creativity. Discover the elements required in achieving creativity, draw comparisons between creativity and innovation, and creativity and technology. Uncover the significance of Da Vinci's 7 principles in whole brain learning and creativity.

Unleash creativity, start to “Think-about-Thinking” and discover how to initiate cognition of thinking and learning. Discover the framework wherein the elements required for integral creative processing are captured, such as knowledge creation, regulation and knowledge of creative cognition, justified belief of being, and discovering the knowledge about knowing.