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Organisation Design

Organisational design is the blueprint of the self-realised functional modality which your organisation pursues. BluAgile methodology is employed to synthesise structures, processes and systems, and align with current people and business realities to reach your goals.

Organisation Design

Organisation design is the design and assimilation (synthesis) of the organisation's structures, processes and systems founded upon an open systems perspective.

Organisational design includes aspects such as work complexity, people architecture, technology, people accountability being cognisance of the impact and influence on organisational culture and employee productivity and performance. Creativity and innovation plays a role in understanding the future landscape of the organisation. Organisational design occurs in the context of STEEP, SWOT and a Force Field Analysis, or Success Factor Analysis, Health Check Questionnaire, etc..

  • Structure: When and how we do it
  • Process: What and how we do it
  • System: Who and how we do it
  • Synthesis: Why and how we do it
  • Where and how we do it is the niche of the organisation, i.e. the start-up, etc.